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Store Opening - Sunday 17th September

The store will be open on Sunday 17th September at 1400hrs [UK].

This weekend's store opening sees the availability of the Precista PRS-82 Royal Navy Diver plus the last few remaining Smiths Traveller Black Dial (Under 25), Commander (Under 10), Commando (Under 50) and Polar Baby Dreadnought (Under 15).

Other available models include the Dreadnought Voyager, Speedbird III, Sewills Pro Diver, Baby Speedbird, Baby Willard, Smiths Black Shadow, Seafire and all other models marked as not sold out.

We expect the store to be open for an extended period of time so there shouldn't be a immediate rush to carry out their transactions.

The Everest Black Dial, Honeycomb, White Dial & Gilt, Expedition plus Jubilee bracelets are now completely sold out and won't be available. Selected models are expected to be available again towards the end of the year.

All watches are guaranteed against defective workmanship for 24 months from date of purchase and the guarantee for the first 12 months applies to the original purchaser only.