Exactly the same as the Rhino strap except with black PVD rings and buckle and NO PATCH! A one piece version is available with just two rings instead of four, which doesn't make the watch sit as high on the wrist.

It is a superior heavy duty outdoor activity/adventure strap which is tough enough to withstand abuse. Long enough to be worn over the top of clothing and also long enough for a "cinch" fastening through the stainless steel rings. The nylon construction ensures that it will withstand regular exposure to seawater without rotting or fading.


- Heavy duty ballistic nylon construction
- Woven edges
- Holes are closely punched for snug fit every time
- Holes and end are ultra-sound sealed (no scabby residue around the holes)
- 316 stainless steel hardware
- Length = 290 mm (approximately 11.4 inches)

I also have a small number of extra long in one piece, 70mm longer than standard. This one is for people who wish to wear their watch over the top of outdoor clothing.
In Stock £10.00
Timefactors Rhino Strap Black PVD


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