If ever a style of rubber strap was sought after more than this one, let me know which it is and I'll make it.

- Soft and flexible polyurethane construction
- 7mm thick at the lugs, tapering to 3.5mm thick at each end
- Buckle side is 80mm long (excluding buckle) and the "hole" side is 130mm
- Available in 20 & 22mm black only. 20mm is parallel and 22mm tapers to 20mm at buckle
- Brushed stainless steel buckle with 7mm wide tang
- Wet suit extension piece is available which fits both 20 & 22mm strap (see pictures 3 & 4 below)

Each strap is fitted with stainless steel tubes where the springbar passes through to prevent tearing at the edge of the strap. If the gap between the springbar holes in the lugs and the watch case is short, the tubes should not be used to allow greater flexibility when fitting the strap. Tubes are not supplied with the "flat" version.

IMPORTANT: The tubes should not be used when fitting the strap to a watch which does NOT have drilled lugs. You will have to cut the springbar and tube to remove the strap if you do. Not suitable for watches with short or hooded lugs.

This strap is now available with a flat end at the lugs and will fit watches with short lugs. To order this, please select "flat" version: the flat version does not have tubes.
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Timefactors Retro Strap in Polyurethane


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