These are not just NATO straps, they are superior NATO straps with a new thicker, stronger and softer woven nylon. The hardware is not chrome on brass, it is 316L stainless steel, bead-blasted to a matte grey finish. The bead blasted hardware has been requested by many customers to better match the finish of military watches (did you ever see a polished military watch?). Carlsberg don't sell NATO straps but if they did, they would sell these; probably the best NATO straps in the world.


Superior 1.2mm thick woven nylon ribbon with bead blasted solid stainless steel fittings. All joints are securely heat-welded and tested. All holes and strap ends are heat sealed. The MoD specification calls for heat welding: straps which are merely stitched do not meet the specification.

All the hardware is bead-blasted solid stainless steel and the strap size is stamped on every buckle.   The coyote brown strap is now supplied with the new angular hardware.

The holes in these straps are perfectly burnt and sealed with no melted nylon "scabs". There are 17 holes, starting 25mm from the end of the strap and spaced every 7mm. This means that the straps will fit all wrists from 5.5 to 10 inches.

Every strap has an overall length of 280mm, excluding buckle*. The specification calls for a 60mm spacing between the second and third rings (where the watch head fits) which is often inadequate to prevent the rings fouling the lugs on many of today's watches. The spacing on these straps has been increased to 75mm to accommodate larger watch heads.  Available in 20mm width only.

Please be aware that nylon can stretch and also shrink so all measurements are +/- 5mm for length and +/- 1mm for width.
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Timefactors NATO/G10 Coyote Brown & Navy Blue


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