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Following demand for a NATO strap of higher quality and appearance which can be worn on dressier occasions, Time Factors is pleased to announce a new range which meets these demands.

This new range is of a finer weave with a silky sheen and slightly thicker at 1.4mm. Although thicker, they are also more supple than most regular NATO straps and all have the new custom hardware introduced on Time Factors' NATO straps in 2014. Manufactured from 100% nylon with a stich count per inch double that of the count of regular NATO strap material


- Strap length: 290mm excluding buckle for the G10 pattern, 280mm for the RAF pattern
- Distance from buckle to first ring: 10mm
- Distance from first to second ring: 25mm
- Distance from second to third ring: 75mm
- Number of holes: 17
- Thickness: 1.4mm
- Bead-blasted stainless steel hardware

Currently available in black/grey, black/orange and black/white and "Bond" in 20 and 22mm and in G10 and RAF pattern styles and Orange Bond in 20mm G10 & RAF pattern.

The G10 pattern has 3 rings and an extra piece of strap which fits behind the watch head, giving 2 thicknesses of strap underneath the watch; the RAF pattern has 2 rings and only one thickness of strap underneath the watch. On the G10 pattern, the location of the buckle depends on the circumference of your wrist: on the RAF pattern, the buckle can be centered on the underneath of the wrist regardless of wrist size.

*Please be aware that nylon can stretch and also shrink so all measurements are +/- 5mm for length and +/- 1mm for width.
Timefactors Deluxe NATO Strap


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