Smiths PRS-37
Most people will have heard of the "Spitfire" aircraft from World War 2 but the "Seafire" is rarely mentioned. The Supermarine Seafire was a naval version of the Supermarine Spitfire adapted for operation from aircraft carriers. The name "Seafire" was arrived at by abbreviating the longer name "Sea Spitfire".

Originally, the Seafire was still a fixed wing aircraft like the Spitfire but with the introduction of the Seafire F MkIII, manually folding wings were added to make deployment on aircraft carriers easier.

The PRS-37 has been designed with an extremely legible dial and hands, in the style of aircraft instruments. The case is satin finished black PVD.

The movement used in the PRS-37 is the ISA9500-1010 quartz movement. This movement has the appearance of a mechanical movement inasmuch as the seconds hand "ticks" 4 times a second.

Setting the time is not like a conventional quartz movement and this video demonstrates how to set the time.
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SMITHS 'Seafire' PRS-37


Like all Time Factors watches all of the components used are manufactured specifically for this watch (except for the movement), stock components are not used.

Supplied in a 2-watch zipper travel case with 24 months guarantee.
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