Smiths PRS-27
This is the first new "Smiths" watch to be manufactured since 1979 and continues the tradition of making quality watches at an affordable price. It utilises a case design used by many manufacturers over the last 60 years and is variously described as "Deco" or "Bauhaus".

The Smiths Big Date has been designed to be highly legible and suitable for both casual and formal wear. The full-luminous dial with contrasting black hands ensures that the watch is instantly readable in all lighting conditions. Water resistance to 50 metres means you don't have to worry about getting it wet and the sapphire crystal is highly scratch-resistant. The Swiss quartz movement is reliable and with its big date, there is no more squinting to read the date.

The PRS-27 is guaranteed for two years and will be supplied with one red and one black clip-on leather strap. Supplied in a single watch zipper travelling case.
Sold Out & Discontinued (£99.00)
SMITHS Big Date PRS-27


Movement Setting Instructions
Smiths PRS-27
NOTICE: During the calendar jump phase between 10.00 pm and 00.00 am the date can be changed. In this case the date of the following day needs to be set as there will be no jump at midnight

Stem position 1
Home position, watch runs

Stem position 2
Quick change of the date ( clockwise), watch runs. The date indication consists of a 2- disc system. On each first day of a new month, the date has to be set by quick change from 31 over 39 to 01. In rare cases, the quick change may be disengaged between 09.30 pm and 00.00 am (without damaging the movement). In this case the date indication can be reactivated by using the regular hand setting mechanism.

Stem position 3
Hand-setting, watch stops. When the stem is pulled out the battery power consumption is reduced by up to 70%.
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