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PRECISTA Czech Air Force PRS-9


If you've been following Time Factors watches since the beginning, this one will be familiar to you. It first hit the drawing board in 2003 but techical problems delayed it for so long it was put back on the shelf until 2009, when the design and revised specification were given to another company, who overcame the original difficulties and produced what is a superb watch. At least one manufacturer boasts that it (only) takes a year to make their watches ;-).

It would have been easy enough to make the watch without the rotating bezel with pointer under the crystal but this is such an important part of the watch that I wasn't prepared to omit this important feature. The watches to which the PRS-9 pay homage had little or no water resistance, arguably because if you need water resistance in an aircraft, your watch is the least of your worries. Because the crystal rotates with the bezel, it was difficult to achieve any water resistance at all and the fact that the PRS-9 is water resistant to 30 metres is no small design achievement.


The PRS-9 is fitted with a new old stock AS1130 movement, one of the calibres popularly known as a "Wehrmacht" movement. Swiss made with 17 jewels, running at 18,000 BPH and with a power reserve of 41 hours. All movements have been stripped, cleaned, inspected, oiled and regulated in 2012.


The strap supplied with the PRS-9 is a custom strap made in a style contemporary with those which would have been fitted in 1938. The original straps would have been cut-edge thick leather but the strap on the PRS-9 has been made from soft glove leather supplied by Pittards tannery in Somerset, England. Pittards was founded in 1826, you can read more of their history here . A roller buckle is fitted, as is a fixed metal keeper plus a floating leather keeper and screwed "rivets". All steel hardware has been bronzed (hardware on the original straps would have been painted).

This watch is made in Germany.

Supplied on a custom Pittards leather strap, in Aero Leather pouch and wooden box, with 24 months guarantee.

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