Dreadnought Voyager
It is now 10 years since the Dreadnought PRS-2 was launched, establishing micro-brands as a credible choice for buyers of quality watches at a reasonable price. In fact, the price may have been too reasonable as the PRS-2 now changes hands for up to 5 times the original selling price. Given the amount of discussion the PRS-2 has created over the last decade, it is sometimes difficult to believe that only 200 pieces were produced and will ever be produced.

The Dreadnought Voyager PRS-21 has been a long time coming but it was vital to ensure that the watch was worthy of carrying the Dreadnought name and was sufficiently different to avoid being called "Dreadnought Mk II". Instead of just sticking a GMT movement in the existing Dreadnought case, the watch has been completely re-designed from scratch. There is now a larger visible dial area, a thinner case and GMT function whilst still retaining all the water resistance most divers will ever need and high anti-magnetic properties. The PRS-21 was designed to be a true traveller's watch.

The PRS-21 is guaranteed for two years and will be supplied with one silicone rubber strap, two screwdrivers and two spare screwed bars. Supplied in a Peli case with polishing cloth and booklet.

In Stock £875.00


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